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My Day With ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’

My Day With ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’

I am not an actor but a musician. For most of my life, I’ve lived in various small towns in Northern California. It goes without saying that throughout most of my life I’ve had limited exposure to the Hollywood film industry. I’ve never officially been an extra on a movie but I have been filmed for a DVD special on a major Hollywood movie.

During my college years, I would visit my uncle Jeff who works as a musician in the film industry. Most of Jeff’s income comes from recording movie soundtracks at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Since I was a music major in college I would often assist him in his recording jobs during the summer months. My duties would include turning pages during the recording and, most importantly, helping him set up his large percussion instruments. Surprisingly the musicians and the directors of the studio never seemed to mind that I was working there in an unofficial capacity; in fact, the studio directors often gave me a tour or let me play the studio’s instruments at will.

I vividly remember the last time I helped Jeff. Generally, it was no different than the other recording sessions I had assisted with. The particular movie we were working on was “The Day the Earth Stood Still” starring Keanu Reeves. Although I’ve never been the star-struck type, I admit it was exciting to see Keanu Reeves come into the recording studio and talk with director Scott Derrickson.

Those who are closely involved in the film industry know recording the soundtrack is one of the last parts of the production. All the filming had already been shot long before. The recording process is long and tedious even though there’s much pressure to get the score recorded as quickly as possible. Like actors, musicians working in the film industry often must perform a musical passage many times before they get it right. One of the musicians close to where I was working would jokingly refer to the many takes as “the day the recording session stood still,” or something to that effect.

As the recording session was wrapping up I noticed a cameraman walking around interviewing the conductor and the different instrumentalists in the orchestra. I overheard one of the instrumentalists say it was for a documentary that may be included in the DVD extras. Secretly I was hoping the cameraman wouldn’t come over to me or my uncle. I really didn’t want to be on camera and have to explain I’m just here primarily for educational purposes.

Unfortunately, the cameraman did come over to the percussion section where I was. He didn’t want to interview my uncle or myself; instead, he asked us to play for about a minute to use as a montage. I became increasingly nervous because, unlike my uncle, I was not a percussionist. (I’m a pianist which is technically a percussion instrument.) The marimba, which was close by, was the only instrument that I could play a recognizable melody on. I poorly sight-read the music left on the music stand while being filmed.

A couple of months later my uncle and I watched the footage of the rehearsal. When I got to my scene in the extras I noticed the music was different than the music I played that day. Of course, I didn’t remember exactly what I played but I knew I was overdubbed because I couldn’t play the marimba that well. At the time I was glad to be saved from an embarrassing moment but I now I often wish my actual playing would have been recorded. It would have made a more interesting story.

The Best Stop-Motion Films Throughout the Years and from Around the World

The Best Stop-Motion Films Throughout the Years and from Around the World

“ParaNorman” and “Frankenweenie” are the latest stop-motion animated films to hit theaters. Stop-motion uses claymation and puppetry to create a unique animated look very different from anything Disney or Pixar can create. No matter how advanced animation techniques become, stop-motion will always remain. Here are several of the best stop-motion films, animation and live-action, throughout the years and from all over the world that used stop-motion to its fullest potential.

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‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is a not a movie, but a one-hour TV special. So what? It is probably the most famous stop-motion animation in the history of film. It is on the list because it is the best stop-motion animation of all time. No argument.

‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’

Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” made stop-motion famous and has since become a cult favorite holiday film for both Halloween and Christmas. Many felt that stop-motion was outdated thanks to computer animation, but Tim Burton proved everyone wrong. The film showed the world that stop-motion, mixed with today’s technology, could create more of a wow factor than computer animation. One notable scene is Oogie Boogie’s Song with the black-light coloring. It is creepy beautiful.


“Coraline” is what happens when 3D is done right. “Coraline” was one of the few films to begin the 3D craze, and since, no film has done 3D as well as “Coraline.” It worked so well because of the stop-motion. The stop-motion of “Coraline” was even better than “The Nightmare Before Christmas” thanks to even newer technology. The colors are bright, the flowers glowed, and the 3D made everything pop. Both “Paranorman” and “Frankenweenie” are 3D and stop-motion. “Frankenweenie” is black-and-white, though, eliminating the bright colors that made “Coraline” so beautiful.


This Czech version of “Alice in Wonderland” uses stop-motion for all of the Wonderland characters, but everything else is live-action. Like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Coraline,” “Alice” uses stop-motion to create a creepy effect. There is just something disturbing about a puppet rabbit with few facial expressions running amok on screen. “Alice” is not a children’s version of the beloved tale. It is dark and very weird. It is a must see for fans of Tim Burton.

‘Clash of the Titans’

The original 1981 “Clash of the Titans” used stop-motion for the monsters. At that time, the graphics were amazing and wowed moviegoers and critics. The film is a cult favorite to this day. Then, unfortunately, a remake came around using CGI and unnecessary 3D and ruined everything. The newer “Clash of the Titans” did not go over well with critics and mythology fans. This is proof that stop-motion still holds up today over CGI. Did the graphics look better in the remake? Of course, but the original told the story better and made the monsters as realistic as possible for that time.

‘Toys in the Attic’

“Toys in the Attic” is a Czech film that resembles “Toy Story,” except with stop-motion. Toys that live in the attic come to life when nobody is around. The stop-motion makes the toys look very real. Especially since the filmmakers used puppets, which are toys, to make the stop-motion animation. The film really does bring toys to life.

‘Wind in the Willows’

The stop-motion “Wind in the Willows” was a precursor to a TV series. It is an adorable adaptation of an often adapted children’s book. It is easily one of the best versions, thanks to the stop-motion animation. Watch the short film and then watch the TV series. The TV series also uses stop-motion for all the characters.

Film Review: “Julie & Julia”

Film Review: “Julie & Julia”

Julie & Julia, directed and written by Nora Ephron, is a comedic film that came out in 2009. Academy-Award winning actress Meryl Streep stars in the eponymous role as acclaimed American chef and author Julia Child.
The film depicts Child’s life in the early stages of her culinary career, prior to publishing her first major cookbook entitled “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” which propelled Child into a global phenomenon. Stanley Tucci reunites with Streep, who worked previously with her in yet another comedy, The Devil Wears Prada, and portrays her husband Paul Child.

Academy-Award nominee Amy Adams (Doubt, 2008) reunites with her acting idol, Meryl Streep, and co-stars in this film as Julie Powell, a government worker who handles phone calls from the families of the victims of the September 11 attacks. Powell’s sole catharsis from this depressing job is cooking for her and her husband when she comes home from work each night.

To make her monotonous life more interesting, Powell undertakes a challenging task. She attempts to cook all of the recipes from Child’s cookbook, a staggering 524 recipes, in a one year time period, in her apartment’s small kitchen. In the meantime, Powell writes daily entries about her culinary and personal experiences on her blog, which was created by her husband, Eric Powell, an archeology magazine editor, played by Chris Messina. This marks the first time that a critically acclaimed film is produced based on a popular blog.

Although these two women never meet, since Julie Powell commences her online blog in 2002, approximately forty years after Child’s cookbook is published, we notice many similarities in their lives. Both women held jobs in the government sector, both had the support of their loving husbands, and both loved to cook, as a method of repose and escape. Furthermore, both women loved using butter in their recipes and both had to overcome adversity in an effort to achieve success.

While living in Paris, France, Child enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu, the famous French cooking school at a time when women were mostly expected to stay at home, since the biggest chefs were men. Child was also treated negatively by the school’s headmistress, Madame Bassart, who was certain that Child would never make it in the culinary industry. On the other hand, Powell was risking her job, marriage and sanity, in an effort to successfully cook all of Julia Child’s cookbook recipes in the one year time period she allotted herself.

In summation, Julie & Julia is recommended for anybody interested in seeing a well-crafted comedic film featuring potent performances from an all-star cast: Streep, Adams, Tucci and Messina. Particularly impressive about Streep’s talent is that she is able to nail Child’s complex accent and mannerisms to the tee. Streep manages to transform herself into Julia Child, and introduce the veteran chef to a brand new generation of viewers. Streep definitely deserved yet another Best Actress Oscar nomination for the controlled performance she delivered in this film as culinary queen Julia Child.

Amy Adams’ Best Movies

Amy Adams’ Best Movies

Amy Adams is a beautiful red head that has shown up in some good movies over the last couple of years. Here is a list of some of those movies.

1. “Enchanted” – Giselle is from a fairy tale world and is about to be married to a princes until his evil step mother pushes her into a well and she is forced in the modern day world. Will Giselle make it back and meet up with her prince?

2. “Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian” – The night guard Larry Daley is back to rescue some of his artifact friends from the Smithsonian when the tablet gets taken with them.

3. “Charlie Wilson’s War” – A movie based on Charlie Wilson and his dealings in Afghanistan.

4. “Catch me if you can” – A story about a young man who had conned millions of dollars worth of checks even before his 19th birthday.

5. “Leap Year” – A woman has a plan to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Day.

6. “Julie amp; Julia” – 2 different women in 2 different time periods stories are interrelated as they both are learning to cook and find success.

7. “The Fighter” – A movie based on the early years of boxer “Irish” Micky Ward and his brother who trained him.

8. “Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day” – After being let go from her job, Miss Pettigrew decides to take it upon herself to seize the day and interview for a job as social secretary.

9. “The Wedding Date” -A girl hires a male escort as she attends her sister’s wedding in order to make her ex jealous.

10. “Moonlight Serenade” -A piano player discovers that the girl checking coats at a jazz club has a voice of an angel.

11. “Doubt” -A priest in 1964 is under suspicion as far as his relationship with a black student.

12. “Sunshine Cleaning” – A mother trying to raise money for her son starts a biohazard removal/crime scene cleaning service.

13. “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” – The top NASCAR drive Ricky Bobby meets his match when French Formula One driver Jean Girard challenges him and beats him. Will Ricky gain his composure and make it back to the top?

14. “Underdog” – A dog is given super powers and uses them to battle the man who gave those powers to him.

The Best Choices with F Movies Streaming

The Best Choices with F Movies Streaming

FMovies is one of the main options in contrast to the former 123Movies pirate movie site and is frequently referenced as a superior spot to watch free movies. Nevertheless, there are a couple of issues that you must know about before pulling it up, including the huge number of phony FMovies sites that are set out as bait. Likewise with whatever else online, you must be cautious how you download or stream your movies.

The Content

FMovies offers streaming for a wide assortment of movies including new releases and cam tears (recordings from movie theater screens), love and romance, comedy, action or war movies, old movies, TV shows, and even art films. With a huge library and a wide assortment of content to watch, without a password, it’s engaging a wide audience, making it incredibly well known.

Pirate, as in Illegal

FMovies makes use of a typical way to deal with endeavor to work around legal worries by giving connects to download or watch movies and media facilitated on different servers. With this action, they want to avoid the letter of the law by not really putting the content online themselves. Rather, they discover content on the profound web, connection to it so you can watch it from their site, and claim that they don’t break any laws.

This practice of making media that is as of now accessible to experienced Internet clients accessible to anybody is rewarding regarding the traffic they receive, however their legal footing is flawed, best case scenario. The issue is that it can undoubtedly be said that they are encouraging copyright encroachment If they demonstrate where to download or release a password.

Governments are starting to pay heed to comparable sites making use of comparative strategies to release TV shows, and the clients streaming their content. Most FMovies options that adopt a comparative strategy, as LetMeWatchThis and CouchTuner, likewise have a history of making the move of switching website addresses. At the point when you watch a site that is in an apparently “hazy area” of the law do this, you can accept it is on the grounds that their last domain got shut down.

Is FMovies Safe?

The genuine website seems, by all accounts, to be for the most part safe to utilize. In any case, they do make use of a promotion network like what you may discover on most torrent sites. This implies you must expect porn content, connections to malware and viruses, and intermittent popups on the site that could attempt to dispatch an assault on your browser while you’re watching a TV appear. You must likewise never expect that you are getting to the genuine site, as things change rapidly in the war against piracy.

Continuously run great antivirus software to shield yourself from malware, and make use of a VPN notwithstanding a firewall. All things considered, in the event that you ignore the promotions and the periodic requirement for a password, FMovies is by all accounts safe. The odds of being tainted with a virus by the site itself are extremely low, particularly in the event that you are running antivirus software.

The issue still remains that the site gives off an impression of being a pirate site and that downloading the movies, which you do by streaming them, would appear to be copyright encroachment. It’s awkward however evident.

If you are thinking about streaming movies making use of FMovies, remember that there are various safe and legal choices that won’t bring about legal or PC issues. There happens to be many of sites that use to offer free streaming movies and assist you to watch romance, love, comedy and action titles spanning thousands of copyright free movies and TV shows, and handfuls more that offer minimal effort subscriptions to watch enormous media libraries.

The Best of Yes Movies with Best Streaming Options

The Best of Yes Movies with Best Streaming Options

YesMovies are an effective unlocked most recent streaming site which offers free movie of various types, for example, indie, B-movie, old, and current streaming movies. It has increased numerous user’s ubiquity in less time. There are additionally a few users who try with respect to legality and safety of Yes Movies. Nevertheless, it is something to consider. Some illegal website can land you in a tough situation for illegally streaming and download movies.

About, each legal free movie destinations both stream indie movies, and spend for allowing applying promotion, or both. By and large, the users can view for red flags, for example, most recent discharged movies, cam rips, and substance with company logos through premium streaming destinations as symbols for the site isn’t solid or legal.

  • Indeed! Movies enable you to observe free movies, TV programs, and different videos with no expense. Despite the fact that, the video content on the site, isn’t legally approved or settled. The site offers videos which are illegally given and pirated movies containing cam rips, pirated films, and conflictingly taken means. If you watch movies or videos on Yes Movies, at that point you could get in a difficult situation as playing movies illegally are like downloading videos making use of torrent.

The site gives cam rips that are illegal to record and to share. They pirates and offers videos through subscription media destinations like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu. It is totally illegal activity, and the sites that have the substance can likely hold the ability to legally execute you for viewing them. The site additionally offers to view some indie movies and a few movies that are not industrially positive. A portion of this substance is not allowed and likewise legal. Beforehand the “YesMovies” apk was connected with pornographic videos, however now they are not associated with it.

Is Yes Movies Safe?

This site is a movies streaming site which offers movies, network shows, and other substance free of charge. All the more thus, their substance didn’t have all the earmarks of being legally licensed or paid for. Watching movies on Yes Movies could bring about a legal case, for example, legally conveyed and pirated movies which incorporate cam rips, pirated films, and some other taken media since streaming movies illegally are equivalent to downloading from another webpage.

Truly Movies New Site

YesMovies site was propelled and registered in the year 2016; i.e January 31st, 2016. YesMovies was propelled to supplant MovieFlix when the name MovieFlix was down and for the most part to have a similar site by same proprietors.

MovieFlix was an illegally free movies site facilitating content and was charged $9.99 every month per account for streaming, and it was closed down for violating guideline of copyright.

Safety and More with 123 Movies

Safety and More with 123 Movies

Would you like to know is 123 movies safe and legal to utilize? If indeed, you are fortunate to peruse this article. 123 movies is an online streaming service that is giving you the substance at zero expense. We as a whole love to get anything for nothing however recollect just if safe! Isn’t that so? So today here is a discussion of every one of the 123 movies, security and legality. Look down to know more.

In the time of the internet, we as a whole are discarding the old cable TV network and going towards the Online Streaming Services. Nevertheless, here comes a defect. These Online streaming services are not allowed to-utilize. You need to spend your well deserved bucks to watch your preferred substance. All in all, what people are masterminding now? Deciding on arrangements require No Cost Such as 123 Movies or GO Movies. In any case, that is not right! You must not go for an illegal website these websites are profiting illegally. Additionally, these websites are undependable to use as these may contaminate your system with an alternate sort of malware, with the most threatening Ransom ware. Is there any approach to know is the site Safe and Legal to utilize?

How would you realize any Site is Safe and legal to utilize?

  1. Strategy 1: If you have to realize how secure the site is, you need to move to its copyright area. Each and Everything stows away inside the copyright segment of the website. The websites that show Illegal movies are normally verified by copyright and they won’t show their right Ip address and attempt to conceal it from governments and internet service suppliers by making use of proxies and VPN services. Subsequently, If the website expects you to download their VPN software or some other third party software, at that point recollect the webpage isn’t safe to make use of and it’s smarter to leave the webpage.
  2. Strategy 2: Another way illegal motion picture streaming locales attempt to shroud their tracks is by giving data about DMCA takedown demands. In the event that they have a full segment of their website dedicated to reaching them when an illegal film is accessible on their webpage, probabilities are they don’t have an authorized joint venture with any company for streaming movies legally.
  3. Strategy 3: One all the more way is if you discover the beneath referenced message on the site disclaimer policy, at that point its illegal one.

What is 123movies?

123movies is an online streaming service permits clients to watch pilfered videos and movies. There are a large number of websites accessible on the internet, like 123movies, that gives you motion picture content at simply no expense and bother free. Truth be told, 123movies network is a network of around 12 websites with a typical domain. Here you can discover the recently discharged film and you don’t have to sign in or signup anyplace. The website has an assortment of substance on it and along these lines it is getting one of the most well known streaming websites.

Is 123movies Safe and Legal to utilize?

For the most part, if a website gives a film without legitimate licensing, at that point it is the illegal one. What happens is, these kinds of websites are fundamentally based out of the countries that don’t have copyright laws. 123movies, rather than giving copyrighted substance on website, give a connection of pilfered content and divert you to another third party website.